2017 Event Schedule

*May 19 Opening Day until September 3

September 4 – CLOSED for the summer season

To book an event or special appointment at the Museum during the winter season please email

Our invitation to “Step into the Saga” takes on special meaning to those who join us and enjoy the many special activities and events we put on every year.


July 1 Canada Day

Enjoy a treat of free cake and coffee as we celebrate Canada Day together. The Museum is located on the site where the people of Dickson gathered every July 1st from the early 1900’s to the 1960’s for the annual Dominion Day picnic [before it was called Canada Day].


July 9 Æbleskiver N’ Jam

This is a day where you can enjoy “all-you-can-eat” æbleskiver [a traditional Danish dessert served with jam] together with coffee or juice. Volunteer musicians [who get paid with free æbleskiver] come and perform (jam) on stage. Other volunteers demonstrate how to make æbleskiver with the special pan. For those who are very hungry, there is the æbleskiver eating contest, where the winner is the participant who can eat the most in the time allotted. The day is rounded out by games for children [e.g. bean bag toss] and for adults [e.g. tombola] with prizes for those who come out the winners.

Time: 12pm to 4pm

All you can eat prices:

Adults: $10
Children (under 10): $5
Kids under 2 years are free

Aebleskiver Poster – Download


August 19 – 20 Viking Days

Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm both days

This is our biggest event of the year, typically attracting over 700 visitors who are interested in Viking lore. Through the cooperation of Viking re-enactment groups from Calgary and Edmonton, visitors can tour the Viking encampment, showing living accommodations, cooking methods and crafts. You will also see Viking warriors demonstrate the use of swords, shields, axes and archery. A favorite for everyone is the battle with the Vikings, where children are given “swords” to fight it out with the mighty, fearsome Vikings.

This is family-oriented event, with face-painting, Viking costume dress-ups, and telling of Hans Christian Andersen stories. Vendors set up tables around the site to sell their crafts and articles with a Scandinavian flavour.

Visitors can enjoy lunch at the Saga Café [reservation required], or have a Danish hot dog, Danish desserts, old time soft drinks or other confections outside.

Viking Days Poster – Download

Calling all Vendors – Registration Form – Download

Viking Days SPONSOR Form – Download


August 19 Feast of the Vikings

For 80 – 90 individuals who have made reservations beforehand [it’s always sold out], this is memorable experience. Held in the Saga Café on the Saturday evening of the Viking Days weekend, participants take pleasure in an authentic Danish meal – roast pork with crackling, red cabbage, new potatoes fried in buttery sugar, roast potatoes and vegetables with brown sauce. Then there’s the dessert – with choices from traditional Danish recipes. You can also try some mead [a favorite of ancient Vikings] which is a type of wine made from honey. Participants tour the Viking village, experience some Viking history, and see them demonstrate a battle re-enactment. If you ask them nicely, a Viking might even join your table for dinner.

Tickets must be purchased in advance for this event. To purchase your ticket today, contact us at the Museum – 403.728.0019 or

Viking Feast Poster_ – Download


September 3 – last day Open

September 4  – Closing Day – End of Summer Season

The summer season where the Museum is open every day comes to an end. During the off-season, the Museum will be deciding on weekly day to be open. To recreate the Danish hygge atmosphere – warmth, coziness, good company with friends. This is also a time when the Museum facilities can be made available for community and family events [e.g. anniversaries, reunions], and activities organized around special interests [e.g. bird watching, admiring the fall colours] and the winter season.


October – Date to be announced – Volunteer Appreciation

A time of great food, served by Directors and good company to express our appreciation to the many individuals who generously give of their time and skills, each doing their part in contributing to the ongoing success of the Museum. Thank you to our volunteers.


November 4 Julestue [Danish Bazaar] at Spruce View Hall

This fundraiser, coordinated jointly with the Dickson Store Museum, provides an opportunity for a variety of vendors, including the Museum Gift Shop, to sell their Christmas wares. Examples include baking, Christmas crafts, antiques and pottery. A lunch is prepared by volunteers consisting of a selection of Danish open-faced sandwiches and desserts. Also featured are æbleskiver making demonstrations and tasting.

*FREE WIFI available at the Museum.

To book an event or special appointment at the Museum during the winter season please email