Saga Café

Open *May 19 until September 4, 2017

Wednesday to Sunday, 10:00am – 4:30pm

Closed: Monday, Tuesday (*Special bookings only)



The Saga Café accommodates up to 40 guests with an additional 20 seats on the adjacent covered patio overlooking the gardens and lake. Reservations are highly recommended especially during special events and can be made by telephoning 403.728.0019 or emailing



Smørrebrød – Danish Open-Faced Sandwiches

Rullepølse (Rolled Spiced Pork)
Hearty Danish rye bread served with traditional Danish rolled spiced pork, garnished with remoulade, jellied consommé, crispy onions, and fresh, seasonal vegetables.
$7.25 (DKK 36.45)

Spegepølse (Danish Salami)
Hearty Danish rye bread served with delicious Danish salami and garnished with remoulade, jellied consommé, crispy onions, and fresh seasonal vegetables.
$7.25 (DKK 36.45)

Sild (Pickled Herring)
Danish rye bread served with pickled herring and garnished with curry mayo, lemon, and fresh, seasonal vegetables.
$8.25 (DKK 41.48)

Ost (Cheese)
Home style bread served with creamy Danish Havarti and garnished with fresh fruit.
$7.25 (DKK 36.45)

Dansk Pølse (Danish Hot Dog)
A European style hot dog served on a bun with remoulade
and crispy onions. Paired with Danish cucumber salad.
$5.50 (DKK 27.65)


Cucumber Salad $2.50
Extra meat/bread/veggies $2.00

Kids Menu

Hot Dog
A European hot dog served North American style, comes with chips, juice and Ice cream
$6.95 (DKK 34.95)

Grilled Cheese
A grilled cheese sandwich served with chips, juice and ice cream.
$6.95 (DKK 34.95)


Dansk Desserter – Danish Desserts

Wienerbrød (Danish Pastry)
This warm and flaky traditional Danish pastry has a soft almond flavor with sliced almonds and marzipan butter.
$4.50 (DKK 22.63)

Æbleskiver (Danish Dumpling)
The popular Danish dumpling (pancake ball) is served warm with Saskatoon spread and powdered sugar.
$4.50 (DKK 21.36)

Æblekage (Apple Cake)
Layers of applesauce and caramelized breadcrumbs with real whipped cream for a light delicious dessert.
$4.50 (DKK 21.36)

Kransekage (Danish Wedding Cake)
These sweet and tasty pieces of traditional wedding cake are made from marzipan and homemade icing.
$5.50 (DKK 17.60)

Tebirkes (Poppy Seed Pastry)
Tebirkes are a flaky and buttery pastry that is topped with poppy seeds and reflects the true Danish style of baking.
$4.50 (DKK 22.63)

Mandel Taerte (Almond Tarts)
A favourite Danish dessert that involves ground Almonds with butter and sugar.
$4.50 (DKK 22.63)

Mandel Mursten (Almond Bricks)
The soft, doughy, flaky pastry is topped by a sweet crust, with almond flakes proudly displayed. A chocolate border surrounds the tasty treat.
$4.50 (DKK 22.63)


Drikkevarer – Beverages

Kaffee (Coffee)
Te (Tea)
Free Refill
$2.50 (DKK 12.57)

Boylan’s Soda
Selection may vary, ask your server for details.
$2.95 (DKK 14.83)

Flaske Vand (Bottled Water)
$2.00 (DKK 10.06)

Æble Saft (Apple Juice) or

Applesin Saft (Orange Juice)
$1.00 (DKK 15.08)

Selection may vary, ask your server for details.
$2.95 (DKK 14.83)

Dansk OL (Danish Beer)
Carlsberg, Turborg, Faxe
500ml/ can
$6.00 (DKK 30.20)

Rod og Hvid Vin (Red or White Wine)
150ml/ Glass
$5.00 (DKK 24.99)

Akvavit (Aquavit)
Aalborg, Aquavitus, Bornholmer
30 ml/ glass
$5.00 (DKK 24.99)

Variety of Flavors
150ml / glass
$5.00 (DKK 24.99)

Domestic Beer
355ml / can
$4.00 (DKK 19.99)


Open:  May 19 To September 4, 2017
5 days/week:
Open: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Closed: Monday, Tuesday (*Special bookings only)
Time: 10:00am-4:30pm

Please Notify Your Server of Any Allergies Before Ordering.

FREE WIFI available at the Museum.