Board of Directors

Current Board of Directors:

Svend E. Nielsen, Red Deer County, AB – President
Wendy Grosfield, Sherwood Park, AB – 1st Vice President
Christian Arel, Wetaskiwin, AB – Treasurer
Barbara Schweger, Edmonton, AB – Secretary
Kren Clausen, Montreal, QB
Birgit Ballantyne, Halifax, NS
Ole Jensen, Scarborough, ON
Ed Kuhlman, Port Coquitlam, BC
Karin Larsen, Hamilton, ON
Steve Morck, Calgary, AB
Anne Lise Pedersen, Toronto, ON
Ella Wolder, Langley, BC
Anne Johansen, Red Deer, AB
Rolf Christensen, Gloucester, ON – Federation Representative
Gunnar Kristensen, Kolding, Denmark – Denmark Representative


2017 DCM Annual General Meeting

2016 DCM Annual Report

DCM Notice of AGM & Special Resolution – Click Here

AGM will take place at the Danish Canadian Museum—Saturday, May 27th 2017 – 10:00am  

Please check back as we continue to populate this area with AGM information.


Board of Directors Recruitment Notice

Print Notice 

The Danish Canadian Museum is seeking new volunteer Board members.  Directors must be or become members of the Danish Canadian Museum.  Interested individuals are invited to contact:

Svend Nielsen – President    Email            403-391-3846 Phone

Gordon Petersen – Director  Email     250-372-7236 Phone

Sonja Myroon – Director       Email     780-452-1152 Phone

The Danish Canadian Museum

The Danish Canadian Museum, celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2017, is a certified museum, dedicated to the Mission of inspiring, engaging and educating the public about the history of Danes in Canada.  Several awards by regional and provincial tourism organizations recognize our continual improvement and appeal to visitors of all ages to “step into the saga” and experience all we have to offer. Major national news outlets and travel and tourism agencies are featuring our unique cultural attraction.

In addition to our physical museum site, our goal is to create a companion “virtual museum” for online visitors to see exhibits, artefacts and read the saga of Danes in Canada – from the Vikings a thousand years ago, to the three waves of Danish immigrants in the past century, and now to the stories of their descendants who continue to contribute to Canada. The virtual museum project is a “work-in-progress” with a good start and much yet to be done.

Volunteering as a Director

Volunteering is an opportunity to connect with others to create a positive impact.  Some reasons you might want to volunteer as a Director of the Danish Canadian Museum include:

  • Passion – making a difference about something you care for
  • Generosity – giving back, paying forward to advance a worthy cause, which can be fulfilling for you
  • Resourcefulness –accomplishing things required to keep the story of Danish Canadians alive
  • Connection –meeting new people and becoming part of a larger community
  • Ambition – building your resume, having a great work experience and growing your network of contacts
  • Learning –acquiring new knowledge and skills
  • Enjoyment – experiencing fun and fulfilment

Director responsibilities and expectations include:

  • Participating in five meetings a year either by physical attendance or by conference call.  A highlight is the annual Board Retreat held every October at the Museum.  The AGM is held every May in different locations across Canada.
  • Being a good-will ambassador for the Danish Canadian Museum in your region – marketing, promoting and participating in fundraising activities
  • Being committed to and advancing the mission and vision of the Danish Canadian Museum
  • Taking part in the governance and decision-making process to provide direction for the Museum’s future.