Advertising space is available in The Danish Canadian Museum Newsletter. Here are a few facts to help with your advertising decision:
Our Newsletter is published 3 times per year in February, June and November. It is distributed by mail with approximately 10% receiving it via email.
Our membership is currently just under 700. This demographic is spread across all areas of Canada, with a few dozen members in Denmark and the United States as well.
We have 35 organizational memberships. If each of these organizations represent a conservative estimate of 50 people, this gives us exposure to nearly 2000 more individuals.
Nearly half of our membership resides in Alberta, with 18% in BC and 14% in Ontario.
Our majority demographic is over 50 years of age. The vast majority of our members share a Danish heritage.
Our members share a deep attachment to Danish Canadian heritage and have historically shown a tendency to go out of their way to support advertisers who choose to support us.

Please check out our advertising rates below. Should you choose to advertise with us, we would be pleased to send you complimentary copies of our Newsletter for the duration of your advertising commitment.
The Danish Canadian Museum Newsletter Advertising Rates:
1. Back page –
$250.00 one issue
$450.00 two issues
$700.00 three issues
2. Full page (other than back page)
$175.00 one issue
$325.00 two issues
$475.00 three issues
3. Half page
$100.00 one issue
$175.00 two issues
$250.00 three issues
4. Business Card
$30.00 one issue
$50.00 two issues
$75.00 three issues

To book your advertising in the The Danish Canadian Museum’s upcoming Newsletter, please contact The Danish Canadian Museum Office. Email: Phone: 403-728-0019