(Slyk) Brick Bridge



Bendt Husted, through both his generous financial support and providing his skills as a tradesmen to build the bridge, brings us a nostalgic look at bridges from the 1800’s in Denmark. Like many Danes who immigrated to Canada, he brought his skills as a tradesmen that helped build and shape the infrastructure of communities across Canada as well as bring some elements of Danish culture and connections to Canada.

This bridge is an approximate replica of the Slyk Bridge over the Damhus aa in Denmark which was originally built by Bendt’s grandfather as the contractor in 1857. About 80 years later, in 1935, his father was the one who used his talents to widen it to accommodate changing traffic. Bendt grew up only 400 metres from the bridge and we benefit from his passion, his skills and memories that reflect much of what Danes brought to Canada.