Dagmar Pioneer Church & Memorial Wall

IMG_2291 Church with mindelund wall 3

The Dagmar Pioneer Church pays tribute to the design and style of churches seen throughout Denmark. This scaled-down reconstruction seats 24 people, and is a charming venue for an intimate ceremony. It is available for worship services and special events like weddings and baptisms.

Danish-Canadian immigrants were devout Christians, strongly connected to their church. The church building functioned as both spiritual home and social centre.

When you visit, notice the symbols in the stained glass windows, crafted by Danish-Canadian Carl-Ove Anderson. Admire the skib (model ship) hanging from the rafters. And learn why a Danish-Canadian girl receives a Dagmar cross at her baptism, confirmation, or wedding.
Linger awhile in our lovely little church. Unwind, renew your spirit––or say a prayer.

Immediately North of the Dagmar Church is a small, ornate, Danish-style garden where one can pause for some reflection. The permanent plaques on the curving brick wall honour the memory of those who have passed on.

For more information on venue rentals, or to donate a plaque on behalf of a loved one, please call 403.728.0019 or toll free in Alberta 1.888.443.4114, or email manager@danishcanadians.com