Thomsen Pioneer Cabin

IMG_2242 Thomsen cabin 2

Does the idea of a log cabin appeal to you? An old-time, rustic cabin crafted from peeled spruce logs, with a couple of good-sized rooms and those quaint little windows. No electricity or running water, just coal oil lamps and a woodstove and water pail.

Experience the good old days in Elmer Thomsen’s log cabin, where you’ll:
See pioneer furniture, domestic devices, and bathroom facilities
Learn where family members ate, slept, and played

Find out:
What daily chores had to be done
How Elmer’s wife stoked up the woodstove, made bread, traditional Danish delicacies, soap and candles
Feel the cabin’s vibes. Happiness, heartbreak, or romance?
Explore the Thomsen cabin. Then ask yourself––could I live here?
When you visit:
Find: The bathtub
Stump our Guide: How did Elmer prepare the logs?
Solve the Mystery: How do you check the oven temperature?
In our Gift Shop: Locally-crafted wooden items, imported Danish delicacies, and more