Stendysse (Dolmen)


What’s a dolmen? A burial chamber from Neolithic times (4000 – 3000 BC).

How was it built? With large, upright stones and a cap (table) stone. The deceased’s remains (body or bones) were placed inside the chamber. The structure was covered with soil and then small stones. The completed mound is a “barrow”. Later, the reason for the barrow was forgotten. The small stones were removed for building material. The soil covering eroded and the cap and support stones––the dolmen––was exposed.

Where can I see a dolmen? See replicas at our Museum and at the Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver. See the originals throughout Europe, especially in Denmark.
When you visit:
Find: What’s inside our dolmen––if you dare!
Stump our Guide: Why are some dolmen barrows ringed with stones?
Solve the Mystery: How were the big stones moved into position 5000 years ago?
In our Gift Shop: Danish amber jewelry, treasured since Neolithic times