Immigrant Exhibit

thomsen family aa

This exhibit pays tribute to the individuals and families who emigrated from Denmark to Canada. You will find the stories and history of many of these settlers displayed via documents and photos.

The Immigrant Exhibit Room is home to:

  • Immigrant Story Board display
  • An array of research material (family stories in binders from A to Z, family albums, community/regional history books, Danish Church history books)
  • Federation of Danish Associations in Canada – Annual Heritage Books dating back to the first edition
  • Danish Club and Danish Church newsletters from across Canada
  • Display panels describing the three waves of immigration (the first pre WW I, then in the 1920’s, and then in the 1950’s and 1960’s) and the contributions Danish immigrants have made to and how they have shaped the mosaic culture of Canada: (horticulture industry, dairy industry, the cooperative movement, the first to build cooperative residences for seniors)
  • Two display cases for displaying artefacts (changed yearly to match the museum’s theme for that year)