Freydis Joanna Viking Ship and Naust

IMG_5535 Viking ship in the naust mic

The success of the Viking expansion into remote territories is largely due to their masterful command of the open water. As skilled craftsmen and sailors, Vikings claimed control over land and sea.

Longships were long, narrow boats made from wood and a cloth sail. Their sleek and symmetrical design made these ships ideal for exploration and warfare. Longships ruled over the often treacherous waters, due to their size and structure, however it was the smaller ships known as Gokstadfæring that granted the Vikings easy access along the coastlines.

The Danish Canadian Museum is proud to present to you the Freydis Joanna Viking ship, a replica Gokstadfæring that was made possible by a generous bequest from Karen and Kresten Sommer.

Built at the Viking Ship Museum Boatyard in Roskilde, Denmark, Freydis Joanna was christened and sent to Halifax before being transported and displayed across Canada.

This magnificent ship is now part of our permanent collection since 2009, waiting to be discovered by you!